MiStats tracks member performance with many statistical measures.

Clubs using MiScore or Autoscore scanning modules will automatically have player hole-by-hole scores added to the statistical database when competition is closed. 


Preview of MiStats on member My Information or Portal displays overview of recent round trends including overall score and hole Par performance.   Select the More Statistics option to view and add more statistical information


The More Statistics area will provide the member even more information about their rounds including their best / worst holes and result percentage per hole.





 Adding Additional Round Information

Players can add additional information to their rounds such as putts per hole and fairways hit by selecting the Recent Rounds option.


The screen will display recent rounds played by the member, each of which will have an Edit Round option attached to it which can be selected to add additional round information.


The round information will expand and allow the additional information to be added.


Once all relevant information is added it needs to be saved by clicking the Save option at the top right of the screen.

To navigate back to the statistical overview page select the MiStats option at the top of the screen.


Video demonstration of MiStats