Timesheet Ticketing – Lottery ensures all members receive one ticket in a random draw to select a preferred tee time.

Select ‘Enter Draw’ before 0:05 seconds and be added to the lottery. 

The lottery will then distribute the first ten directly into timesheet to select a tee time. All others will receive a ticket in the queue.


  • Speed of clicking and internet connection no longer a factor
  • One session per member per draw,
  • No multiple browser tabs, windows or devices logins
  • Extra login(s) will be restricted

This will provide a fairer and more equitable booking experience for all,  ensuring members either gain immediate single entry of the the first ten allocations or a single ticket in the queue.

Below is the member experience

  1. Member asked to Join Draw
  2. Acknowledgement of entry in draw
  3. Ticket position if missing out on initial allocation
  4. If system detects multiple member login